Ebook “How To Draw Manga”

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How To Draw Manga – Techniques For Drawing Female Manga Characters

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How To Draw Manga VOLUME 1



THE AIM OF THIS BOOKThis bookis aimed at those who waht to start drawing cartoons (or comics) or
those who are at a certain level but want to study it more seriously, or those
who are already serious but do not see any improvement. In other words, this
bookis designed to help all non-professional people, from elementary school
pupils to adults to improve their technical skills.
This book concentrates on character types.
Speaking of characters, we guess most of you are confident in your native
drawing skill. However, do you vibrate people with life? Are they 3-07
Are body parts smoothly and flexibly jointed?
Here, a group member of the author will teach you the rational methodand
technique to improve yourself, based on their experiences.
First of all, Chapter 1 will show you how to draw figures, in fully realised
3-D. Chapter 2 will focus on how to draw bodies. It will show how the
muscle structure of the body can be rendered, and will enable you to draw
human bodies which look quite natural. Chapter 3 will teach you how to
draw character. It wili enable you to bring out character closer to how
professionals do it.Really? Yes! So why don’t you give it a go!



Hideki Matsuoka
Tatsuhiro Ozaki
Takehiko Matsumoto
Planning: Tatsuhiro Ozaki
Editing : Motofumi Nakanishi
Cover designing and text layout: Hideyuki Amemura
Photographing: Yasuo Imai
English translation: Steve K.Arnemura

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How To Draw Manga VOLUME 2



THE AIM OF VOLUME TWOHow should tones be cut in the background of a manga page? How
should I hold a cutter? And at what angle?
Have you, the reader, ever seen a book before that answers all the
questions to techniques you have been dying to know?
Well, here is the book you have been looking for covering the
fundamental techniques you have been longing for with easy to
understand and in depth content. Building on Volume One ‘Creating
Characters’ we have included everything you need to know to create
your frames.
This book is aimed at a wide audience from first timers to advanced
users who have hit a wall in their work but mainly for people who
want to improve their manga’techniques from school children to
Centering around how to draw backgrounds, this volume covers the
indispensable techniques for filling frames – effect lines, flashes,
perspective, tone techniques, expression of light and shadows with
extremely thorough examples and explanations especially for tones.
With this one book, your manga ability will improve beyond belief.





How To Draw Manga Volume 3

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How To Draw Manga Volume 4

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Another : How To Draw Manga Volume 1 (.pdf)

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How To Draw Manga Volume 2

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